Conference Venue

The Symposium will be held at Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, JAPAN. The history of Kumamoto University dates back to 1887 when the Fifth High School was established at Kumamoto during the Meiji Era. The present Kumamoto University was established in 1949 as a National University. Currently it has 7 Faculties, 9 Graduate Schools, 13 Research Centers, about 2000 teaching and support staff, and more than 10000 students studying in undergraduate and graduate programs. Kumamoto University is located in Kumamoto City which is in the central part of Kyushu Island in western Japan. Kumamoto City is also known as the “City of Forests” since it is blessed with an abundance of nature. The City is surrounded by natural and unpolluted water resources and beautiful mountains including Mount Aso, which has the largest caldera in the world. Kumamoto City is among the top metropolis in Kyushu, with rich cultural heritage and long history. For more details about the conference venue, you may refer to the website of Kumamoto University:

Access to Kumamoto

All international delegates are requested to make their travel arrangements by themselves. The nearest airport to Kumamoto city is Aso-Kumamoto airport which is located about 20km in the east of the city center. Aso-Kumamoto is basically a domestic flight airport but they have two direct international flights from/to Seoul-Incheon (Korea) and Kaohsiung (Taiwan). Aso-Kumamoto is also connected with other Japanese hub airports (Tokyo-Narita, Tokyo-Haneda and Chubu-Nagoya) by frequent domestic flights. All travelers arriving at Aso-Kumamoto airport are expected to take a Limousine bus to Kumamoto Transportation Center (Bus Terminal). This center is located in the central area of Kumamoto city and all major hotels are located within a walking distance from this center.
Alternately, many travelers coming from East-Asian countries may prefer to arrive at Fukuoka international airport which is located about 150km in the north of Kumamoto city. Fukuoka international airport and Kumamoto Transportation Center are connected by an hourly highway bus service (2 hours travel). Bullet train (Shinkansen) from Fukuoka-Hakata to Kumamoto is another choice for Fukuoka travelers but the total travel time from Fukuoka airport to Kumamoto city center is much the same.

From city center to Kumamoto University

The conference venue (Kumamoto University - Kurokami Campus) is only 2km away from Kumamoto city center. Most of delegates are expected to take a city bus or a taxi from their respective hotels in the center to the university campus. The city bus from Kumamoto Transportation Center (Bus Terminal) leaves from platform #16 frequently. Travel time by bus or taxi is generally 10 to 20 minutes. Alternately, 2km distance is a bit hard but not impossible to walk (30 to 40 minutes).


Basically all participants are requested to book their hotels by themselves. Information about Kumamoto city accommodation and other tourist attractions is available from the web site of Kumamoto Tourism Office below:

Kumamoto hotel information is also available from world-wide accommodation booking sites like Expedia, Agoda, etc...