Contributors of presentations at the conference are invited to submit electronically an abstract (approx. 400 words), not later than May 30th, 2017. Notification of acceptance will be given on June 15, 2017. Upon acceptance authors will be invited to write a full paper. The deadline for submission of papers for peer review is August 31st, 2017. Papers must be also submitted online and those that are not received by the deadline will not be reviewed. Whether a paper is reviewed or not, the camera ready versions of full papers must be submitted online by October 15th, 2017, using the template available on the PSFVIP-11 website. Abstracts should briefly outline the main features, results and conclusions as well as their general significance, and contain relevant references. The abstract has to be written in English (only text, no figures, tables or graphics) and uploaded through the conference website. The abstracts will be reproduced as submitted and unchanged in the Book of Abstracts of the conference. The Book of Abstracts will be available to registered participants at the start of the conference. Papers can only be accepted on the understanding that one of authors will be presented at the conference. The paper will only be included in the Proceedings of the conference if at least one of the authors is registered and paid the conference fee on or before October 15th, 2017.
For any further request, please contact the PSFVIP-11 Conference Secretariat.


Note: The PSFVIP-11 will provide a book of papers on a USB flash memory only. Authors of the papers are not required to transfer copyright for their articles to PSFVIP-11. Therefore, the authors can submit the contents of their own paper to an appropriate journal with self-responsibility.

Abstract submission

Firstly, use the template provided below to write the body of your abstract.

Abstract template

Next, from the following submission form, please submit your abstract.

submission form

Paper submission

The full paper will be included in the proceedings. The overall length of the paper, including all figures, tables and references, must be from 2 to 8 pages only for papers. The paper should be written in English and uploaded in pdf format through the conference website. The details of the paper format are given in the following template.

Paper template

Draft paper submission

From the following paper submission form, please submit your draft paper.

Draft paper submission form

Camera-ready manuscript submission

From the following manuscript submission form, please submit your camera-ready manuscript.

Camera-ready manuscript submission form